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Working closely with regulatory agencies and certifying bodies, we lead in the design and development of new, standards-based quality systems, implementing them in our facilities well in advance of other organizations. Our people are passionate about product quality and regulatory compliance, with a goal of delivering our customers and the consumer the safest, most efficacious products on the market.


Great care is taken to adhere to strict GMP guidelines and industry-leading SOPs. Audit-ready staff and a clean, efficient and well-maintained facility signify that we DO what we SAY. In-house labs and specialty sampling and testing equipment ensure the highest quality, product safety and reporting.

With all these moving parts and pieces – safety plays a vital role with who we are and what we do. Our mantra is “Safety First!” The Environmental Health & Safety protocols permeate everything we do – from the moment our associate enter each morning, to the moment they leave after a productive day of work, we ensure Safety First.  

Health and Safety also apply to our environmental impact. Throughout the manufacturing processes, various types of packaging waste is generated. We have partnered with many local companies to recycle and reduce the amount of materials that in prior years were sent to the landfill. We also work on minimizing waste by actively asking our teams to implement measures that decrease the use of cardboard, metal, plastic, and wood pallets.


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At WIN Nutrition, the pursuit of transparency, trust and finished product excellence centers on networks, processes and execution – from the beginning to the end of our work. WIN Nutrition’s commitment to quality isn’t just about cGMP and certifications. It permeates every aspect of our business. Our commitment to quality starts with our ingredients, which are sourced globally from qualified and approved vendors. Our quality commitment extends through product formulation, development, manufacturing and testing, all the way to finished products marketed on store shelves or online.


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