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WIN Nutrition excels at preparing the package and label design for nutritional supplements because we address all aspects of interaction: visual, tactile, and information. Our graphic designers take pride in delivering the whole package.

Selling Supplements With Non-Compliant Labels is Against the Law

Our team maintains the latest FDA’s labeling regulations for dietary supplement guidelines: typography and font sizes, minimum required information, prioritization of information, directions & warnings, and ingredient formatting – we will make recommendations on your existing label design if we discover issues.

The FDA Compliance Service is complimentary only for customers manufacturing supplements with WIN Nutrition – it is advised that all products be reviewed by an attorney specializing in FDA law for nutraceuticals.

WIN Nutrition manufactures products that are marketed in the USA and around the world. As such, our product development team has a fluent understanding of the regulatory, environmental and legal parameters in each market. Our awareness and support of the issues impacting regulatory compliance – including labeling, ingredient restrictions, potency limits, nomenclature and documentation – allows us to help our customers to move with agility and confidence in domestic and foreign markets.


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Great Label and Package Design Matters – But So Does Compliance

At WIN, we develop acceptable formulations to fit specific foreign markets and their regulatory framework. We help with foreign registration as well as domestic regulations within the US. 

In every way, WIN Nutrition is committed to the highest standards in the products we design – and that includes regulatory compliance. We formulate and develop products with compliance in mind, to help you to avoid regulatory hurdles and get your product to market faster.

Good nutritional packaging design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about the customers’ experience getting into the product, the materials they interact with, the warnings they must read before consumption, and even the steps they should take after depleting their supply.

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Olav Sandnes
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Carol Chen
Chief Executive Officer

Olav Sandnes founded Marine Ingredients in 1982, and was a founding member of the Omega-3 Working Group at the Council for Responsible Nutrition, and awarded the GOED Lifetime Achievement award.. He was a member of GOED’s board for 13 years. In 2016, Marine Ingredients merged with KD Pharma, to become the third largest omega-3 supplier worldwide.

Carol manages the manufacturing & packaging operations of the business. Prior to WIN Nutrition, she founded Willings Nutraceutical which specialized in packaging for nutritional supplements. Carol is fluent in Chinese and leads WIN's relationships in the Asian markets. 


Olav Sandnes has achieved a lifetime of success in the nutritional space. He founded Marine Ingredients in 1982 and merged with KD Pharma to create the largest fish oil supplier in the world. He is also a shareholder in United Pharma, Innovagel, and many other companies in the space.

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