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A Market Staple; A WIN Specialty

Capsules & Tablets are the standard in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industries. They are a common dosage form, and that is why WIN Nutrition takes great care in the development, testing, and production of our capsules and tablets. WIN’s capsule performance is unparalleled in the industry. We make certain that our capsules and tablets are reliable, effective, and visually appealing for your customers.


WIN Nutrition takes great care in pairing the correct capsule option to your specific ingredient formulation. We make sure that each product dissolves appropriately when consumed. Furthermore, our Quality Department's end-stage disintegration testing ensures label claim accuracy. 

Created to Make You Stand Apart

With so many capsules and tablets in the market place, you need to have a unique edge. WIN Nutrition works with your firm to design the size, appearance, and encapsulation material of your product so that you can lead your market niche.

We understand the importance of selling an innovative product. Our team will collaborate with you to determine the best encapsulation options that match your product and objectives. Whether you want to enhance your formulation or customize your capsules with branded text, WIN Nutrition will help you achieve those goals. 

Size Options
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Soft Gelatin

Hard Gelatin

Fish Gelatin

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Imprinting Options:

Monochrome Text

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Let's start bringing your product concept to life today!

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