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Convey Your Brand Messaging Through Disruptive Packaging

Your packaging is your product's first impression to the consumer. This impression is key for successful products - that is why WIN provides cutting-edge solutions for your packaging needs. We analyze the right combination of sizes, materials and features that will make your product succeed. Our team helps you find the perfect blend of form and function. We start with the visual design of packaging, but then go much further. We think about how the consumer interacts with your product - the tactile elements and ergonomic feel. Then we think about how much time your consumer will spend reading your label and how we can best present your information given that crucial timeframe. 

Packaging Suited for Your Product

We look at every product individually and suggest efficient and cost-effective solutions that will still make your product stand out. Our Packaging Department approaches your product from a wide range of disciplines. We think about market trends, consumer preferences, label design, and proprietary packaging options. We study your brand and products to ensure that we set you apart in the marketplace.


We know that your clients want sustainable packaging options - that's why WIN Nutrition was an early adopter of these trends. We are on the cutting edge so that your products can stand apart. 

More Than Just Packaging

For us, packaging is just the start. We work with you and our design department to create the perfect looking label that makes you stand out and meets all regulatory requirements. We think about the exact type of packaging your consumers want to see - are they more sensitive to functionality or do they prize sustainable options. We let you know about trends that we see in the marketplace and how the nuances of consumer preferences shift between different distribution outlets. This is how we create a successful turnkey product line for you.  

Custom Packaging Options

Our packaging products encompass various options:

- Bottles

- Canisters

- Gusset bags

- Jars, jugs and tubs

- Unit dose pouches

- Stick packs

- Vials (for powders and effervescent tablets)

- Blister cards

- Modified atmosphere packaging

Our bottling and filling lines can package everything from small bottles for solid dose forms, to stick packs for individual powder servings. We also do large tubs, sachets,  and gusseted bags. Our blister machine tooling can accommodate blister cards in many sizes. 


Going The Extra Mile

All manufacturing and packaging operations generate some sort of material waste. During the past, much of this waste ended up inside landfills and polluted the planet. We recognized this issue and sought to do something about it. We implemented an in-house recycling program that goes beyond municipal standards and ensures that a majority of our corrugated packaging materials come from 100% recycled content. We work to minimize waste through every step of our operation and work with our team to create new operating procedures that decrease the use of cardboard, metal, plastic, and wood pallets. 

It goes without saying, the processing and packaging of your products occurs in a fully certified facility to ensure the highest quality standards that you deserve. 

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today! 

Contact us at: 

or call us at +1 (800) 575 - 4WIN

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