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Capture the Rapidly Growing Gummy Market

Add a gummy to your product line to capture this expanding market. Gummies deliver all of the beneficial component ingredients, and offer great taste with an easy to chew solution. These benefits have led to their growing popularity in the market place. 

Meeting All Your Nutritional Needs

We offer children's pectin multivitamins, Adult Multivitamins, Omega and DHA, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Vitamin D3, Biotin, Melatonin and High Fiber formulas.

Great for Children

Healthy growing children need the proper nutritional nourishment to develop. It starts with a well-balanced diet, but certain conditions call for additional vitamins and minerals. 

The same applies to adults. Certain circumstances like a vegetarian diet, medical condition, or a specific eating habit leave a nutritional imbalance. We will work with you to create the product you believe will solve those imbalances and lead to healthier lives for your consumers. 

Packaging Options for Gummy Vitamins

Your gummies are vibrant products, so their packaging should be too. We go beyond the typical clear and translucent bottles; we have custom packaging solutions that involve various bottle shapes and label designs that will attract your customers. 

Why WIN Nutrition

When it comes to our gummy supplements, we don't just settle for great flavor. We think about texture and blending the right amount of gelatin with your ingredients to create a product that delights your end-customer. We do not use peanuts, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, or tree-nuts; our solutions are good for all sensitive customers.  

You will receive a turn-key product. After we work with you to design a product that will succeed in the marketplace, you will receive approved and authorized label specs and the highest standard of gummy supplement manufacturing. 

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today!

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or call us at (800) 575- 4WIN

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