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Quality products start with quality ingredients. We trace our raw materials back to sustainable sources that we have carefully selected. WIN Nutrition has a global network of ingredient partners that share our values of quality and innovation. As nutritional science evolves, we work with our partners to stay at the cutting-edge of ingredient science. We have unique access to raw materials that will make your product stand apart.

WIN Nutrition has a rigorous supplier qualification program. We screen each raw materials partner for sustainability, traceability, and fair labor practices. Once we approve a partner, we audit and qualify their facilities on an ongoing basis to ensure cGMP compliance with FDA requirements and the Food Safety Modernization Act. We take the time to understand our suppliers' production methods and quality standards. We document this entire process for each partner and each raw material. This rigorous process meets industry best practices, but more importantly, instills confidence in your product's supply chain. 

We Start at The Beginning

Customers trust us with the ingredients that go into their product - we take this trust very seriously. All ingredients that enter our facility immediately go into quarantine until our Quality Department tests and approves each raw material. We employ strict ingredient verification testing via spectroscopy and chromatography to ensure material purity. Other specialty products receive further testing such as genetic ID testing for probiotics and DNA barcoding for crude botanicals. We also screen for adulterants, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals to ensure the quality of your product. Any raw material that does not meet our safety and quality standards may not enter our facility.  

No matter how cutting-edge and innovative our formulators get with new ingredients, we know that all of these ingredients will deliver the quality and safety that consumers expect. 

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