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The Modern Consumer Wants Probiotics

WIN Nutrition is a market leader in the manufacture of probiotic supplements. Our facilities include a climate-controlled probiotic production area where we have developed proprietary processes to ensure optimal room temperature to achieve maximum shelf stability.

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Focus Area

We take great care to create the correct blend of probiotic bacteria to make your product stand out. 

Packaging Options for Probiotics

We have a leading facility to produce cold-formed aluminum blister packs for probiotic products. We also offer a range of packaging options for probiotics, including bottles with built-in desiccants.

Unique Advantages of WIN

- Refrigerated warehouse designed specifically for probiotics

- Acid resistant delayed release capsules 

- Climate-controlled probiotic production area

- Blending and packaging under nitrogen

- Multiple nitrogen-flushed packaging options

- Cold-form and ACLAR thermoform blister cards

- Stick packs and sachets

- Desiccated HDPE bottles

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today!

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or call us at (800) 575- 4WIN

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