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The Basis of Your Product

Our product development team is on the leading edge of nutritional science. We continually experiment with new formulas and work to discover modern improvements. Our testing protocols ensure that we meet all required specifications for your product. Furthermore, we guarantee traceability and transparency throughout the entire process. With years of product development expertise, we have everything you need to create your envisioned product. 

Unique Design

Successful product design takes into account many factors, including active ingredients, dosage form, regulatory requirements, as well as other excipient, shelf life and packing requirements. Our team individually evaluates these considerations and solutions for each product.

Deep Experience

No matter where you want to go, WIN Nutrition has the bench strength to support you. Our in-house team is adept at formulation, development and production of all dosage forms.

Our years of experience translate into the precise delivery of active ingredients in capsules, tablets, and powder products. We take a solution oriented approach that allows us the flexibility to work across different types, sizes, and delivery methods for each dosage form. We understand that your customer's brand loyalty depends on consistent quality - our track record has shown that we can deliver you that consistency. 

Pushing Boundaries

We are committed to creating cutting-edge products that enhance the health of those who use them. To us, that means innovation and quality. Research in the field of nutrition is exploding. Every day we learn more about the complex relationships linking nutrition and the human body. Our product development team pioneers this research and offers our clients access to the very latest science. 


Clients of WIN Nutrition work personally with our team of veterans. Our access to new ingredients and modern science will give your product a competitive edge. Product formulation is more than flavoring; it is the introduction to creative concepts that will put your product offering on the leading edge of the marketplace.  

Database of Knowledge

Our years of scientific discovery have led to a proprietary database of product development knowledge. We have information on thousands of ingredients. Because of our track record, we can quickly determine which solutions will work best for your product. 

Our clients receive unique access to: ​

- Exclusive WIN Formulations

- Leading Nutritional Science Research

- Targeted Product Development Goals

- Consistent Uniformity

- CGMP Compliance for 100% Label Claims

- User Experience Analysis

- Optimized Cost & Price Point Analysis

- Market Trend Analysis 

- Alternative Dosage Form & Delivery Technologies

- Label Assistance

- Domestic & International Documentation Support

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today! 

Contact us at: 

or call us at +1 (800) 575 - 4WIN

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