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Innovative Technology

WIN Nutrition focuses on innovation when it comes to softgel production and technology. From simple oils to complex suspension softgels, our manufacturing processes are optimized to deliver consistent quality softgels. We focus on uniformity and stability of complex suspensions, shell and seam strength to avoid leakers, and prevention of oxidation throughout the manufacturing process. Our scientific and technical team are ready to help create innovative products that serve consumer needs, while setting your brand apart from the competition. 

Experienced & Certified to Serve Your Global Needs

Our state-of-the-art, cGMP-compliant production facility holds all necessary regulatory and compliance approvals to serve your global needs. WIN Nutrition is NSF certified, in addition to being a FDA registered facility that adheres to strict cGMP protocols. 

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Together with our affiliates, we use the highest quality softgel machines on the market. We utilize crib room tooling organizational controls, and maintain all critical machine components on site. We have implemented proprietary in-process controls throughout manufacturing, including high-resolution microscopes for particle sizing and softgel seam measurement as part of our effort to achieve fill uniformity and seam strength. Our tumbler drying process eliminates drying variability and enables efficient and cost-effective segregation of defects, as well as assist with Root Cause Analysis. 

All Shapes - All Sizes

From size 2 oval to size 28 oblong, we can deliver a full range of sizes and shapes to serve your needs. We have twist-offs and cut-offs, and will work with you in making custom dies if called for. We have high speed imprinting as well as laser etching machines - to help brand your softgels. We will deliver the end product you envision. 

Customer Centric and Transparent

At WIN Nutrition, you - the customer - is our priority. We strive to offer the speed and quick turn-around you demand to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace. We seek to balance the need for speed and quality, while maintaining cost efficiency - all essential parts of gaining consumer loyalty and trust. Our dedication to transparency and responsiveness is integral to developing an open and trusted relationship with you - our customer. 

How may we be of service? 

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today! 

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