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Great Labels Delight Your Customer – Great Compliance Delights Your Regulator

Win Nutrition takes regulation and compliance seriously. In order for us to produce the highest standard products, we need to have the highest standards of compliance and regulatory support. Fortunately, we build in compliance from the start. When we help you formulate your products, we already know the regulatory codes and design your product with these parameters in mind. By the end of product development, we have already addressed the regulatory issues and can focus on getting your product to market. 

We Know the Regulations

We believe quality packaging goes beyond design; we also focus on the wider messaging that the consumer experiences. An important aspect of this messaging includes regulations, warnings, and other mandated statements. We don't want these statements to intimidate your customer; therefore, we carefully work with you to keep your customers feeling safe. 

Stay Compliant and have the Law on Your Side

We maintain the latest FDA labeling regulations for all dietary supplements. These regulations cover typography, font sizes, minimum required information, prioritization of information, directions & warnings, and ingredient formatting. We review every label as part of our process to ensure that everything complies before you take your product to market. 

We offer our compliance services as an added benefit to all of our turnkey customers. 

A Global Understanding

We manufacture and package products that sell in markets all around the world. As a result, we have developed a keen understanding of the regulatory framework in both the US as well as key international markets. Each country has a different regulatory environment and legal paradigm that our regulatory team stays up to date with. Our knowledge of international label requirements, ingredient restrictions, potency limits, nomenclature, and documentation, allows us to help our customers enter new markets without additional regulatory hurdles. 

Let's start bringing your product concept to life today! 

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