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Pursuit of Excellence

At WIN Nutrition, individually and collectively, we are determined to achieve excellence.  That pursuit of excellence is rooted in a culture of transparency, openness, and trust. We are not satisfied with merely performing our respective functions adequately.  Rather, we take the words of Steve Jobs to heart, ‘Learn continually – there’s always “one more thing” to learn.’ Every member of our team understands that being truly excellent requires a willingness and dedication to learn. We believe this leads to excellence and contributes to the WIN difference.



Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is not limited to cGMP and certifications. Rather, our goal of delivering consistent, high quality products and unparalleled service impels us to go further.  We focus on quality and regulatory compliance, from ingredient sourcing to shipment of finished product, and every step in between.

Performance Standards

Quality Standard Operating Procedures lead to quality products. We can always provide documentation for every step of your product's development. We take these procedures seriously to not only meet industry best practices, but to ensure that we can offer our clients a seamless delivery of their product. We know that an investment in our people and processes is an investment in our customer. 

Certificates & Registrations
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We are proud of our certifications. The leading industry authorities support our operation and have recognized that we deliver top quality products. We are certified for NSF and fully cGMP compliant. We also produce Halal and Kosher certified products, as well as qualified for certified organic, non-GMO and other clean product types.

Laboratory Testing & Technology

WIN Nutrition has partnered with a full-service laboratory that provides a wide range of chemical and microbiological testing. Our partners employ a top team with years of experience testing a wide range of dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.

All of our finished products undergo chemical, physical, and microbiological testing prior to release. Our Quality Department uses accurate and reliable scientifically valid methods that deliver consistent results. Our commitment is to offer complete support service for our customers. We ensure their finished dietary supplements contain the correct ingredients, and the intended purity, strength, and composition.

We understand the importance of time. Our lab partners provides WIN with quick turnaround times for internally tested and verified raw materials from production to tested and verified finished goods. 

All products are tested for potency using UPLC/HPLC, ICP-MS, and other methodologies. Physical testing including USP disintegration, dissolution, physical appearance, and identification is conducted where required. In addition, the purity of all finished products Is confirmed via testing for heavy metals (ICP-MS), pesticides (LC/MS) and residual solvents, as well as microbiological testing.

We conduct finished product testing against the exact product specifications within a controlled data base that stipulates the label claims and acceptable ranges for each ingredient. 

We issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each batch of finished product that lists the applicable laboratory testing and specifications used. 

Lab Capabilities & Instrumentation:

 Compendial Methods



 FTIR Spectrometry





 Irradiation Detection (PSL)


 Mercury Anayalsis

 Microbiology Testing

 Moisture Analysis

 Probiotic Testing

 Protein Analysis



 UV-Vis Spectrometry

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